Legal consultation should not only be up-to-date, but also think ahead and ensure clients a competitive edge. Targeted advanced training, technical specialisation and a reliable academic network are indispensible guarantees of success for sound legal advice which we gladly invest in.

Our clients appreciate our professional competence as a direct result of this investment and entrust us with their continuous legal support. In this process, it is essential to us that we provide clarity and communicate openly from the very beginning, even on the question of costs. Because those who appreciate sound advice should also know what it costs.

We therefore discuss the basis of our fees and any other possible expenses before taking on a client. The fees for legal services are legally regulated in Germany by the Attorney Compensation Act (RVG). The RVG sets the minimum fee for the area of legal representation which may not be fallen short of, even by individual agreement. The compensation is based on what is referred to as the “value of the legal dispute”, thus the (commercial) value which the matter holds for the client.

We typically invoice our services, however, based on fee agreements which we discuss and conclude with you before starting the attorney-client relationship. We often propose a fee based on time expenditure which can provide for fixed billing intervals and upper limits.

We are also glad to agree on a flat-rate or framework payment scheme in appropriate individual cases. When setting our fees, we focus on the commercial relevance, the difficulty of the task, the expected costs connected with it and the expertise required. We provide you with clarity about the expected costs from the very beginning.