Our law firm was established in Dresden in 2004. The partners whom the law firm is named after were formerly highly successful members of a major renowned international law firm. The decision to establish an independent law firm in Dresden was based on our conviction that we could better serve the needs of our clients in this manner. Even then, we already knew exactly what we were looking for: A partnership forming a sustainable bridge between law and business and offering clients a clear orientation. We have since shared this belief with additional partners.
Dr. Ekkehard Nolting and Dr. Andrea Benkendorff, who had also previously built up the presence of a large German law firm in Dresden, joined Battke Grünberg together with several employees in 2010. The law firm now has 8 partners. In 2015, Mr. Thomsen and Mr. Dr. Meuten were named as partners and in 2018 Mr. Matthieß and Mr. Dr. Schöneich.

The consolidation of our expertise and experiences has allowed us to become one of Saxony’s largest commercial law firms. Our team of 17 attorneys proves that a high level of specialisation with a focus on holistic solutions can be put into practice and lived by. It goes without saying that we always provide expert professional consultation at all times. Our experience and qualifications attest to this. Particularly in our favour, however, is the fact that our actions always focus on our clients.

Today we are one of the most important representatives of municipal clients, the industrial economy and charitable institutions in Dresden, Saxony and the surrounding states. And we continue to grow, together with our clients and our region. This is because we think ahead and act effectively.