Dr. Tina Lorenz (DOB 1980) grew up in Schwarzenberg/Erzgebirge and studied law at the Dresden Technical University from 1998-2003 with an accompanying language specialisation in English. After completing her clerkship, she initially worked as an assessor at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and was subsequently employed as an attorney at Graf von Westphalen in Dresden from January 2006 to February 2010.

She ultimately transferred to the Battke Grünberg Attorneys at Law partnership in March 2010. Dr. Tina Lorenz is a specialist attorney for labour law and primarily engages in labour law consultation for companies. She particularly specialises in the consultation of employers in medium-sized companies and employers in schools and institutions for youth welfare, care of the elderly, aid to addicts and assistance to disabled persons under private, municipal and ecclesiastical sponsorship.

She earned her doctorate in international procurement law (in particular UN procurement law) in February 2010 and also advises companies in the formulation and conclusion of international supplier contracts. Dr. Tina Lorenz speaks English and Spanish and has deepened her knowledge of both languages in language studies abroad.

Along with her great interest in Spanish and Latin American culture, she is currently involved with the culture and language of our neighbouring country of Poland.

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Dr. Tina Lorenz

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