Areas of expertise:

  • On-going legal advice to employers on individual labour law

  • Consultation on human resource management concepts

  • Works Constitution Act including employee representation law and human resource representation law

  • labour contract law and the law governing employment agreement directives

  • Labour law in institutions for youth welfare, care for the elderly, aid to addicts and aid to disabled persons under private, municipal and ecclesiastical sponsorship

  • Labour law consultation for schools under private, municipal and ecclesiastical sponsorship

Key consulting areas:

  • Creation and implementation of modern human resource management concepts

  • Design of performance-based remuneration and bonus systems and evaluation systems

  • Formulation and optimisation of service and employment contracts and employment contract guidelines

  • Consultation on dealing with employees having long-term illnesses and on alternative actions for improper employee behaviour

  • Human resource adjustment measures, in particular in the preparation and assistance with terminations for personal, behavioural or operational reasons

  • Support of employers in the case of transfer and regrouping

  • Restructuring, outsourcing and insourcing, company acquisitions particularly with respect to § 613 a BGB (German Civil Code) and due diligence in terms of labour law

  • Consultation in the areas of short-time, semi-retirement, part-time and fixed term employment

  • Work hour models and service plan review

  • (Flexible) Work time and remuneration structures

  • Consultation of employers on collective wage agreement law and the drafting of collective wage agreements

  • Support in the collaboration and, in the case of disputes with the works council, the human resource council and employee representation; drafting of service and operating agreements

  • Legal representation in proceedings before labour courts or ecclesiastical courts leading to a decision or judgement

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