Administrative & constitutional law

We advise and represent our clients in all issues concerning administrative and constitutional law. This particularly includes assistance with complex projects regarding immission protection or waste disposal laws, for example, starting with the preparation of the required applications to the holding of negotiations with private or state/municipal decision-makers and the support of planning procedures through to representation in proceedings before the administrative courts.

We help project developers and official decision makers to seek alternative legal dispute resolutions by endeavouring to find cost-effective, economically sensible and effective out-of-court solutions. We additionally provide support in the drafting and formulation of all types of municipal statutes.

Special topics:

  • Waste disposal laws

  • Waste water disposal laws

  • Municipal taxation laws

  • Drinking water supply

  • Municipal law

  • Assistance and subsidy laws

  • Immission protection law

  • Laws on municipal collaboration

  • State liability law

  • Public building law

  • Soil conservation and pollution control law