Company succession

Company owners are well advised to responsibly deal with the question at an early stage of who will take over the company as managing director and owner due to age-related retirement (“planned company succession”), death or serious health impairments (unplanned company succession).

We work for owner-operated companies in the area of company succession.  We work together with our clients to structure the necessary individual steps and formulation measures which are necessary both from an actual and chronological standpoint to successfully transfer the company to successors (relatives, employees or third parties). We use this “time-table” as a basis for the contracts and documents required for the planned company succession. These include, among other things, the drafting of suitable corporate agreements, (business owner) testaments, contracts on the relinquishment of statutory shares, transfer agreements, etc.

We also take the necessary precautions together with our clients for unplanned company succession. For this purpose, we work with our clients to structure and implement the required individual measures to enable the continuation of the company in the case of unplanned company succession. This includes such measures as the development of an “emergency plan”, the establishment of a suitable legal form for the company, the drafting of suitable corporate agreements including their “interlinkage” with testaments or inheritance agreements, the assurance of the integration of suitable persons at the management level and shareholder level, the preparation of (precautionary) powers-of-attorney, etc.

We place particular value on individual arrangements and solutions which are suitable and appropriate for our clients; Company succession is “precision work” and not the be “taken off the rack”.

Special topics:

  • Corporate legal arrangements

  • Asset succession planning regarding "planned" and "unplanned" company succession

  • Testaments and inheritance agreements

  • Contracts on the relinquishment of statutory shares

  • Prenuptial agreements including divorce agreements for the protection of company assets

  • Transfer agreements

  • (Precautionary) powers of attorney

  • Foundation planning