Disputes between competitors with respect to the limits of fair behaviour are common in competition law.

The attorneys of our “Intellectual property” (IP) team provide advice on all matters regarding the various regulations that companies have to comply with when they compete with others on the market. For example, we offer advice prior to product launches and promotional and advertising campaigns in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and bad investments. Furthermore, we assist you with written warnings for anti-competitive behaviour and with the prosecution of offences committed by competitors of our commercial clients.

Special subjects:

  • Legal advice on matters relating to the marketing of products and services

  • Review of the compliance of promotional campaigns with applicable regulations

  • Information obligations in advertising

  • Deceptive advertising

  • Comparative advertising

  • Telemarketing, fax and email marketing

  • Poaching of customers and employees

  • Food law, e.g. adequate labelling of the ingredients of food, permitted and prohibited advertising statements for food

  • Product labelling

  • Law on advertising in the health care sector, e.g. permitted and prohibited advertising statements for medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs

  • Cosmetics, labelling and packaging of cosmetics, inadmissible advertising statements

  • Law on advertising of doctor’s services

  • Written warnings