Representation in court and arbitration

Our team can rely on a rich pool of experience for issues involving the assertion and defence of rights before state courts or in arbitration proceedings. We represent our clients in proceedings before the ordinary courts, labour courts and administrative courts and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Effective legal protection starts with the correct contract formulation.

Particularly in international legal services, we advise our clients on the correct and individual formulation and coordination of governing law and jurisdiction clauses. If a later judgement can also be enforced in the country of the contractual partner, then it is advisable to find a suitable jurisdiction or an appropriate arbitration agreement or also the proper arbitration organisation or the optimal rules of arbitration for later proceedings.  We review the options of various approaches to lead our clients quickly, effectively and cost-consciously to their objectives.

We also serve as arbitrators – as individual arbitrators or in a multi-member arbitration court.

Special topics:

  • Formulation of dispute settlement, jurisdiction and arbitration agreements

  • Adversary proceedings before ordinary courts, labour courts, administrative courts

  • Arbitration proceedings

  • Mediation proceedings

  • Provisional legal protection and attachment proceedings

  • Recovery assistance and adhesive procedures

  • Independent evidence gathering procedures

  • International legal services

  • Enforcement in foreign countries and enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards