Media and press law

We offer advice on all matters of media and press law based on our proven expertise. For example, we advise media companies with respect to legal issue in connection with traditional media such as radio, television and print media as well as electronic media and multimedia. Furthermore, we assert claims relating to the freedom of expression, e.g. for improper reporting, for public figures and private individuals, companies and public authorities, and we defend our clients against claims raised by third parties. Publishing houses and online providers such as platform operators also call on us when they face claims relating to the freedom of expression, or if they wish to limit their liability for external contents, among others. In case of violations of personality rights, e.g. if photos are published without the necessary consent, we use our strategic consultancy concept to ensure that the violation occurred is minimised.

Special subjects:

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation in case of claims relating to the freedom of expression, irrespective of the type of content delivery, e.g. claims for injunctive relief and abatement or removal, claims for retraction and right of reply, and claims for damages and pecuniary compensation

  • Crisis communication: strategic advice and assistance with public relations of companies and individuals in situations of conflict and crisis, e.g. enforcement of a precautionary injunctive relief or coordination of the communication of information to print media

  • Ensuring lawful reporting on suspects

  • Review of editorial content and advertisements

  • Draft and negotiation of contracts such as production, license, user and merchandising agreements

  • Protection against unauthorised use of portraits in the various media

  • Consulting on freedom of expression and rights to the image of a person in employment relationships

  • Media competition law

  • Consulting on the liability for own content and third-party content in analogue and digital media

  • Handling of the protection of children and young persons and privacy with respect to digital offers

  • Law governing copyright licensing agencies

  • Social media: e.g. review of social media offers with a view to legal admissibility, development of social media guidelines, and strategic advice on the use of such offers