Intellectual property rights: patents, designs, trademarks

In the area of intellectual property rights, we provide consulting services for companies, public institutions, public authorities and research institutes, but also for the creative industries and artists in all matters relating to the protection of their products and works, their inventions, and their know-how vis-à-vis competitors.

The attorneys of our “Intellectual property” (IP) team provide advice on inventors’ rights and on matters of trademark and design law. Contact us if you want to formally file for property rights to protect your trademarks, research and development results or other sensitive entrepreneurial know-how. We will enforce your rights and assist you in defending against attacks. For this purpose, we will act on your behalf before the respective courts throughout Germany, and we will also represent you out of court, e.g. in case of written warnings. Furthermore, we draft and review license agreements and offer advice in all matters relating to research and development projects.